Customized legal solutions for clients

At Unity Law, we don’t just offer one-size-fits-all fixes, we offer customized legal solutions for each of our clients. When you hire us to represent you, you can be certain you’re getting a team that cares about your case, your needs, and your best interests. Whether you’re looking for help mediating a divorce or you need legal representation in a paternity case, the legal team at Unity Law is here to help you. Below you’ll find an overview of the services we offer. If you have questions or need representation, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Family Law

Our family law services cover a variety of proceedings, including divorce, adoption, paternity, child custody, and child support. We will do our part to facilitate the most appropriate outcome for your unique case.


Mediation occurs when a neutral intermediary helps the involved parties reach a mutually acceptable settlement that everyone agrees with. Here at Unity Law, we offer mediation services to help put your mind at ease.

Guardian Ad Litem

This occurs when an unable individual, infant, or child needs representation or a guardian and the court needs to step in to appoint someone to represent their best interests in court.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law occurs when two or more parties need assistance in resolving conflicts outside of court. This is done through cooperative strategies where all parties meet to discuss the most appropriate outcome.

hear what others have to say

“I was referred to James when I needed legal advice and would possibly be getting a divorce. I can not say enough about having James represent me. His knowledge, professionalism, and organization were amazing. I could easily reach out to him by email or phone with any and all questions that arose. James is not only an outstanding attorney, but a kind and caring person. He made going through a difficult situation so much easier. When going through any legal situation, it’s nice to know you’re in good hands.”

- Dorothy A.

“I was in need of a custody agreement that would help me protect my daughter. I contacted James. He was thorough in explaining my options and really helped calm my emotions. After my first few conversations with James, I felt confident everything would be ok and it was. James takes the time to listen, explains the issues and law in plain terms and is very kind. He was never disrespectful to the other party which I also appreciated. He told me that he would show respect to the other side while advocating for me and that is exactly what he did. I had a great experience with James and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a family law attorney.”

- Kenzi W.

“I needed a custody agreement for my minor child. The other party and I had discussed most of the terms we wanted but there were a few items we did not agree on. I contacted James and he gave me several tips on how I could negotiate with the other party without the need to fight or be disrespectful. We were able to come to an agreement between ourselves and James handle all the legal paperwork for me to get a custody agreement done. The process was very efficient and was a lot less stressful than it could have been. I like the respectful and collaborative approach that James used. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a family law attorney.

- Zach G.